Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Allen and Ginter

Well I know where my money is going. The sell sheets for this went out today and I'm highly anticipating this set. I do need to finish last years set though. Just looking over the checklist, here are some of the non-baseball highlights with some still to be determined:

Stevie Williams - Pro Street Skater

Matt Biondi - Olympic Swimmer

Kerri Strug which will probably feature either this or this image

Nicky Hayden - Motorcycle Racer

Joey Chestnut - Pro Eater

Bonnie Blair - Olympic Speedskater

Dan Jansen - Olympic Speedskater

The DNA card makes a return and instead of there just being one, there are 8 subjects which are slated to be Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, JFK, Jackie O, Alexander Hamilton, a Wooly Mammoth and a dinosaur fossil. World Leaders, Baseball Icons, US States and Ancient Icons are all inserts now, making the master set that much harder. Cut Sigs are back with Daniel Webster, John Paul Getty, J. Edgar Hoover and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle leading the way of what has been determined at this time. A cut sig of L. Ron Hubbard is included in the list which should be put on e-Bay as soon as someone gets it in hope of Tom Cruise paying a lot of money for it.

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