Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potentially Last Post of the Year

Tonight I'm going to show 2 of my more unusual items that I have.
While this looks like a normal beaten up MLB ball, it's not. It's a batting practice ball that I caught on September 30, 2003 prior to NLDS Game 1 pitting the Braves against the Cubs. I was sitting right beyond the outfield wall at Turner Field watching BP when Andruw Jones hits a ball and it bounces on the warning path and over the wall. I jump out of my seat and nab the ball one handed. I was lavished with cheers by the other people. This remains the only ball I've caught at a MLB game and even though it's a BP ball, I'm still real proud of it. Since this is a baseball card blog, I mightas well show some baseball cards.

This is an uncut sheet of the 1987 Commemorative Rookies Set that was inserted only into the 1987 Topps Jumbo packs. While the big name on the sheet is Mark McGwire, there's a few other recognizable names such as Mike Greenwell, Terry Steinbach and Billy Ripken. I personally just think it's neat to have a full uncut sheet of a set of cards. Someday hopefully I'll get this framed.

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