Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Target Run: UD Goudy Packs #1 and #2

I had to make a run to Target to get some things the other day and picked up 3 packs of Goudy, 1 pack of Topps Chrome and 2 packs of TA&G. I'll be posting these packs today and tomorrow. But now, here are packs 1 and 2 of the Goudy

Pack 1
Pat Burrell
Jason Schmidt
Gary Matthews
Josh Hamilton

David Ortiz
Chad Cordero
Carl Crawford
Noah Lowery

My favorite card in this pack is Cordero cheesin' it up looking like he knows something we don't. I give this pack a C+. I did get the great card of Cordero, as well as 2 All-Stars in Ortiz and Crawford, but the rest of the pack looks like a horrible trade someone would make in a fantasy league.

Pack 2
Randy Johnson
Jeremy Bonderman
Michael Cuddyer
Albert Pujols (SP)
Garrett Anderson
Billy Wagner
Phil Huges
Ryan Zimmerman

This pack gets a solid B+. This might be the first time I've ever seen a card featuring Randy Johnson smiling. The star of this pack is the Pujols short print. With the generic city background and a look on his face that says "I'm not quite smiling, but I do have an expression and I know I'm awesome." The back of the card states that whenever Big Al hits a home run "it's going to be a significant one". Significant in what terms? A game winner? His 500th? The 3rd of the day he promised to little Jimmy on his sick bed? I'd like to know what's significant to Pujols.

More packs tomorrow and a box break either tomorrow or Friday.

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