Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Welcome to The House of Cardboard. What this blog hopefully will do is allow me to share my collecting journey with people who care about sports cards. Most of the focus will be on baseball, but football and basketball might pop up from time to time. In order to better explain my purpose, I decided to go a bit Marxist and give you a manifesto. First, I hope this blog will be educational and informative. While I will often make jokes and backhanded comments, the underlying purpose will be to educate others about this hobby that has sucked me in for the past 17 years. Secondly, I hope this blog will be enlightening. I hope it will give others viewpoints on card collecting that maybe readers haven't thought about before. Third, I want it to be entertaining and hopefully some laughs will be had upon the way. Lastly, I hope above all that this brings at least one new person into card collecting or brings one back into the fold. I think now is a great time to be a card collector for various reasons which I hope to get into at some point. I have some big things planned for the inaugural week, so be looking for some new things in the next few days.

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