Sunday, December 30, 2007

1988 Topps Yearbook Stickers

I went to Wally World to make a return and purchased a box of that "Find The '52 Topps" thing. Basically I've grown tired of opening the new stuff and there really wasn't anything to pique my interest so I got this. Among other things, I had a pack of '88 Topps Stickers. I thought this would be fun to blog. Now each card is a "Super Star" card and a sticker. So both will be listed

Super Star #48 Jose Canseco (tainted with gum residue...or HGH, can't tell)/Sticker #213 Joe Carter
Super Star #11 Shawon Dunston/Sticker # 253 Bruce Hurst
Super Star #44 Cal Ripken/Sticker #214 Mark Langston
Super Star #51 Rickey Henderson/Sticker #64 Lee Smith and #313 Devon White
Super Star #56 Matt Nokes/ Sticker #10 Joe Carter and #256 Dan Quisenberry

While this pack was great and included an HOFer, a future HOFer and the Jim Bouton of the 1990's, I can't get over the fact that I have no idea who's on these stickers with there being no names on them.. I know #214 is Mark Langston, but that's only cause I can see the name on his jersey. #256 may or may not be Dan Quisenberry. I'm sure that if I had the 1988 Yearbook that topps produced to go along with this, I could find who was who, but it's almost 2008 so 20 years later, I don't have the yearbook at my fingertips. If anyone can help me on who the players are that are depicted, that would be great.

UPDATE:  Thanks to dayf to filling in my nameless stickers.  

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dayf said...

You got Quisenberry correct. These are all out of the SCD price guide:

#213 Joe Carter
#253 Bruce Hurst
#64 Lee Smith
#313 Devon White
#10 Don Baylor