Friday, July 11, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome Blaster Break

I'm heading to Mississippi for a week on Saturday, but I bought a blaster at Target because I really enjoy this set.

Bonus Pack:
TCCP3 Matt Holliday
TCCP4 Luke Hochevar

These are done in the 400 series designs like what came inserted with the Heritage blaster packs, but they're full sized and chrome.

Pack 1:
99 Nick Markakis
MMSC52 Mickey Mantle Story
MHRC536 Mickey Mantle Home Run History
214 Clete Thomas

2 inserts in a pack...but not ones I would have hoped for

Pack 2:
115 Joe Blanton
C105 Topps Heritage Chrome Johan Santana
101 Randy Johnson Blue Refractor
49 Scott Rolen

I really REALLY like the blue refractors

Pack 3:
67 Roy Halladay
TCHC9 Joe Mauer Trading Card History 1941 Play Ball
200 Elliot Johnson XFractor
77 Carlos Ruiz

Pack 4:
39 Brad Penny
163 Greg Maddux
72 Brandon Phillips Copper Refractor
150 Homer Bailey

It's kinda hard for me to tell the copper refractors from a gold on the first glance. But then you look again and you can tell it's copper.

Pack 5:
79 Paul Konerko
TCHC8 Albert Pujols 1916 Zeenuts
96 Jered Weaver Refractor
170 Yadier Molina

Pack 6:
143 Carlos Lee
55 Orlando Hudson
178 Jo Jo Reyes XFractor
166 Michael Young

If I were Joe Collector, I'd call this Jo Jo MoJo.

Pack 7:
11 Yovani Gallardo
194 Adam Jones
33 Jeremy Hermida XFractor
122 Chone Figgins

Overall, I enjoyed my purchase. The blue refractors are the best of the bunch. They should have just made the whole set blue.

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jv said...

Wanna trade me your copper for some blue refractors? I have quite a few to pick from. I'm trying to build a base set of the Copper at Treasure Never Buried...

Email me and let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a list of the Blue that I have.