Friday, July 25, 2008

Pre-Ginter blaster

While I'm waiting on my boxes of A&G to get here, I figured I'd open up a blaster of the homeless man's A&G, Upper Deck Artifacts. Artifacts feature historical moments cards much like A&G features historical figures and subjects. Artifacts also has Hollywood memorabilia inserts. Lets crack in and see what we got:

Pack 1:
#135 David Davidson RC
#167 Historical Moments Eiffel Tower
#42 Carlos Lee
#68 Phil Hughes
#200 Historical Moments Jamestown

2 historical moments in one pack and one which should have added a few more letters to make it a Historical Monument card, but whatever.

Pack 2:
#149 Ross Detwiler RC
#181 Historical Moments Benjamin Franklin
YSL 3968 Yankee Stadium Legacy Graig Nettles
#3 Justin Upton
#69 (hehe) Mariano Rivera

The game features on the YSL card is against the Indians on October 1, 1972. The Yanks lost 2-1 and Graig Nettels, who is featured on the card, didn't even play. Ben Franklin also looks like a pedophile that is trying to seduce a young boy by dangling a key.

Pack 3:
#195 Historical Moments The Supreme Court
#55 Joe Mauer
#81 Barry Zito
#106 Clay Buchholz RC
#107 Kevin Hart RC

The Supreme Court card is a card after my own heart, being in law school and all. This is the first baseball card that combines law and sports cards by itself

Pack 4:
#121 J.R. Towles
#153 Historical Moments Declaration of Independence
#46 Torii Hunter
#16 Dustin Pedroia
#4 Chris Young

If Upper Deck could get its hands on the Declaration of Independence, it would chop it up and put it on cards. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they bought one of the handwritten and signed copies of it and did just that.

Pack 5:
#19 Daisuke Matsuzaka
#58 Jose Reyes
HM-19 A Piece of Hollywood George Clooney Pants from "Three Kings"
#134 Jerry Blevins RC

Hey I got me some George Clooney pants and from one of his best movies. And Clooney is one of my 5 actors that I'd like to just hang out with. Upper Deck couldn't secure permission to use his name, so on the back of the card it says that the pants were worn by "George". Hopefully, they mean Clooney and not some extra named George.

Pack 6:
#20 Curt Schilling
#85 Felix Hernandez
#168 Historical Moments Suez Canal Opens
#116 Harvey Garcia RC
#191 Historical Moments Nobel Prize

Notice that I have only gotten 2 true Historical Moments in these packs. The rest have been things, people, documents and monuments.

Pack 7:
#139 Eugenio Velez RC
#154 Christoper Columbus
#29 Matt Holliday
#94 Josh Hamilton
#30 Troy Tulowitzki

I love that Columbus and Holliday were right next to each other.

Well this really is a few steps down from A&G, but I am now able to say that I can get in George Clooney's pants. Kinda. I didn't even pull one Brave from this box. Boo.

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dayf said...

Relic cards where they can't even print the guy's name are weak. I have a card with a bit of Austin Powers' pants worn by "Mike".