Saturday, January 10, 2009

Extreme Measures are Being Taken

Since the location is Augusta, Georgia, I know it's not dayf.  And plus I think his heart and soul, as well as mine, would sell for more than $78.77.  Or at least I'd hope so.  Check it out here.


dayf said...

Nope, not me. I wouldn't give up on the Braves just because a player who has leaked to the press that he'd like to play for another organization and then went on the game broadcast the very next day to vehemently deny it every year for the past few years actually went through with his threat.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Started out at $1, and now up over $75. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

I really thought he would come to Detroit. It's been discussed around here forever.

Actually I don't think of Johnny as the heart and soul of the Braves, more as my JV Basketball coach. Which he was in 1989. I remember thinking it was weird that he came back to his old high school in the offseason for basketball. However, our win-loss record spoke volumes about how he made the right choice with Baseball. :)