Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really Quick Plug For Those Doing TTM

I've been doing Through The Mail (TTM) autographs since the early 90's and have seen lots of things change.  One of the great things are the resources that are now available for those who do autos TTM.  The best place I've found is  I've had the link on my page since the blog started, but never gave a plug I don't think.  Even if you don't join and pay the fee, there's still great resources for addresses, who signs, who doesn't and if they require a fee.  Being able to catalogue your successes and failures and how long it takes them to come back is one of the greatest features of the site and that feature is free.  So check them out.


tastelikedirt said...

Might want to check that link. I think it should look something like this.

Russ said...

Thanks. I usually check them after I post just to mke sure but I didn't today. Appreciate it.