Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2003 Fleer Flair

I remember the first year that Flair was introduced. The cards came in these 2 piece packs that were not really packs but like boxes. The card stock was thick, the gloss was extra glossy and the packs, for that time, were outrageously priced. I want to say like $10-$15 a pack. Yikes. And oh how the mighty have fallen. This pack of 2003 Flair was probably around $5 or so in 2003 but it can now be had in the bargain packs at Target for $1.59. A steal! Hopefully. Let's tear in.

Shawn Green
Richie Sexson
Phil Nievin
Josh Phelps

Well that was a disappointment. I want my $1.59 back. The Ichiro can't even save this pack and that's saying something. Flair used to be known for it's simplistic design except for that year that the cards were all foil. Ugh. Now it's using some sort of tri-handle around the picture as well as putting the head of the player from the same picture that's on the card at the top. Come on Flair, you're supossed to be a mid grade premium product. Give me more than one photo of a player. It's not that hard. While I did get my 5 MLB Player cards as promised on the pack, I also got 4 pieces of trash carboard included as well. At least I have some kindling now if it gets really cold and I'm stranded alone.