Monday, December 31, 2007

Collecting In the New Year

It's the eve of the New Year and I'm going to mention a few things that I'm looking forward to in the new year:

Getting An Autograph Hit
I didn't get one autograph hit out of all the cards I opened this year. Not even some signature from a 10th round draft pick.

Buying My First Box Of A Super-Premium Product
I really want to buy a box of high-end stuff. So lets hope I have the funds to do so.

1959 Topps Heritage
Love this design. Now if Topps doesn't screw it up...

The end of the A-Rod HR crap cards
The series ended with Bowman Sterling. Thanks goodness.

Mark Teixeira in a Braves Jersey on a card
Not one of him wearing what looks like a photoshopped pullover.

What's everyone else looking forward to?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Card of the Week for 12/30: 1991 DC Comics Cosmic Cards #115 Black Racer

If you look on the box of the 1991 inaugural edition of DC Comics' Cosmic Cards, you'll see the Flash, Green Lantern and Superman. At least one, if not all, are recognized by most people. However the gems of this set come in the lesser known superheros and villians that they put in. Thus ladies and gentlemen, I give you Black Racer!

I think I don't need to write anything comical because this card writes the comedy by itself.

Forgotten Set: 1996 Topps Laser and Tom Glavine

While going through some cards this weekend back at my parent's house, I came across some of the 1996 Topps Laser set. I had totally forgotten about this set. 1996 was right at the peak of when die cutting cards got really big. Most of them, like the ones in the Upper Deck SP set, would have a scallop at the top, or a side taken out. My favorite would be one of the mid-90's (I can't remember the year right off hand) EDGE football sets where the cards either were made out of plastic or just seemed like it. The die-cut inserts in that set had a whole side taken off by what looked like a drunk man with a knife. However in 1996, Topps took die-cutting to a whole new level with 1996 Laser Baseball. Topps wants the collector to think that each card was cut by a laser to make the intricate patterns and they probably were. I don't think there is a die cutter that can do the detail that was on these cards and still have the cards be in mint to near-mint condition right out of the pack. I have no idea on the set details although I do know there are 2 series and a few inserts but nothing to write home about. Topps used 4 cutting schemes for the laser set: The ball on fire, the batter at the plate, the runner and the fielder. There might have been one more for the base set, but that's all that I know of. Anyway, this brings us to Tom Glavine because this was the card I found the other day.Now a few months ago, I had posted a little rant about Tommy Two-Timer in my blog due to a refractor that I recieved in a pack. Yesterday, there was a long article posted about my rant over at The Cardboard Junkie. Now I feel like this will probably get me more readers and I thank dayf for that very much. But my stance on Glavine will not change. I do have less hate due to the re-signing of Glavine and probably think hate is too strong a word right now, more like disdain. I'm totally with dayf on this. Am I glad he's a part of the team? Of course. Am I glad he came back for less money? Sure. Do I think this was a good move for the Braves? I think he's the best veteran pitcher they could have signed for the money that they got him for and he can chew up innings which the Braves need desparetly (that is IF he gets out of the first inning). But I'm not coming back and bowing to the man like the 2nd coming (Tex has that honor and Frank Wren and whoever it is that owns the Braves now better pony up the money to resign him after this year). I'll probably get to meet him at spring training and I'll take my autograph, say thanks and that'll be it. I really feel in 2002 we had Winson Churchill, Joseph Stalin and FDR and one of them saying at the Yalta meeting "I think I'll play with Germany for awhile". You think they'd let him back in the club? I mean really. That's something that you just don't get over. He'll get into the Hall of Fame with a Braves cap and he'll probably have his number retired by the Braves. But that doesn't mean I'll like it. However if his face shows up on the Turner Field or whatever stadium the Braves will be playing in in 10-20 years outfield wall, security better watch for a man with a spray can trying to break in. His leaving was much different than that of other Braves during the run of the 90's and early 00's. Every Braves fan felt like they had something invested in Tom because he had been brought up through the system and never left. The same goes with Smoltz, Chipper and Frenchy is getting there.

Now the interesting thing is why don't I feel that way with Andruw? He was in the system, he might have gotten a World Series MVP (I'd always hoped Jim Leyritz would get his, but this is a little much even for me), and was always compared to Willie Mays as the next center field phenom. So why the apathy about his leaving? Well first, he's become lazy in center field over the past few years and he's packed on some pounds that arn't muscle. If the Dodgers want to pay him as much as they did to hit .222, let them.

I think the thing with the other players is that they have performed consistantly and have given the Braves noteriety and helped them win a World Series (save Frenchy). It also doesn't help that Scott Boras is involved. But for all the good Tom has done for the team, I just can't get over he went to the Mets. I might forgive him if he goes 22-5 with a 1.98 ERA this year, wins the Cy Young and we win the World Series. Maybe I'll forgive him. Maybe.

1988 Topps Yearbook Stickers

I went to Wally World to make a return and purchased a box of that "Find The '52 Topps" thing. Basically I've grown tired of opening the new stuff and there really wasn't anything to pique my interest so I got this. Among other things, I had a pack of '88 Topps Stickers. I thought this would be fun to blog. Now each card is a "Super Star" card and a sticker. So both will be listed

Super Star #48 Jose Canseco (tainted with gum residue...or HGH, can't tell)/Sticker #213 Joe Carter
Super Star #11 Shawon Dunston/Sticker # 253 Bruce Hurst
Super Star #44 Cal Ripken/Sticker #214 Mark Langston
Super Star #51 Rickey Henderson/Sticker #64 Lee Smith and #313 Devon White
Super Star #56 Matt Nokes/ Sticker #10 Joe Carter and #256 Dan Quisenberry

While this pack was great and included an HOFer, a future HOFer and the Jim Bouton of the 1990's, I can't get over the fact that I have no idea who's on these stickers with there being no names on them.. I know #214 is Mark Langston, but that's only cause I can see the name on his jersey. #256 may or may not be Dan Quisenberry. I'm sure that if I had the 1988 Yearbook that topps produced to go along with this, I could find who was who, but it's almost 2008 so 20 years later, I don't have the yearbook at my fingertips. If anyone can help me on who the players are that are depicted, that would be great.

UPDATE:  Thanks to dayf to filling in my nameless stickers.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lack of Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts guys. I've had a lot on my plate recently, but hopefully in the new year I'll get somethings going.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2003 Fleer Flair

I remember the first year that Flair was introduced. The cards came in these 2 piece packs that were not really packs but like boxes. The card stock was thick, the gloss was extra glossy and the packs, for that time, were outrageously priced. I want to say like $10-$15 a pack. Yikes. And oh how the mighty have fallen. This pack of 2003 Flair was probably around $5 or so in 2003 but it can now be had in the bargain packs at Target for $1.59. A steal! Hopefully. Let's tear in.

Shawn Green
Richie Sexson
Phil Nievin
Josh Phelps

Well that was a disappointment. I want my $1.59 back. The Ichiro can't even save this pack and that's saying something. Flair used to be known for it's simplistic design except for that year that the cards were all foil. Ugh. Now it's using some sort of tri-handle around the picture as well as putting the head of the player from the same picture that's on the card at the top. Come on Flair, you're supossed to be a mid grade premium product. Give me more than one photo of a player. It's not that hard. While I did get my 5 MLB Player cards as promised on the pack, I also got 4 pieces of trash carboard included as well. At least I have some kindling now if it gets really cold and I'm stranded alone.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Box Break: Topps 2007 Allen and Ginter Hobby

In trying to complete my set of A&G, I broke down and bought a hobby box. The details of the inserts and whatnot have been features so many other places, it's common knowledge what the contents of this set are. So I'm going to go right into the stats

Base Set: 144/350
Doubles: 0
Dick Perez Sketch Cards:24/30
Dick Perez Doubles: 0
Short Prints: 12
Short Print Parallel: 2 (Alex Rios, Michael Barrett)
Allen and Ginter Back Parallel: 4
Black Bordered Parallel: 2 (Victor Martinez, Adam Wainwright)
Black Boardered NNO Short Print: 1 (Jason Isringhousen)
Flags of All Nations: 2 (Brazil and Nigeria)
Relics: 2 (Aramis Ramirez jersey, Chad Tracy bat)
A-Rod Road to 500: 1 (HR# 274)
Hobby Box Topper: National Pride Puerto Rico

While I was hoping for some sort of autograph or printing plate in this box, I'll take what the box gave me. Set wise, this is one of the best boxes I've ever opened getting no doubles whatsoever. I really think this is the best set of the year by far. It's affordable, there are great inserts and the card design is spectacular. However, on these Dick Perez sketch cards, it looks like Dick should have taken maybe a bit more time on some of them. Is it just me or did Jim Edmonds turn out looking like Carson Daily? Also I've never really been a fan of inserts that run between series like the Mickey Mantle home run set or the A-Rod road to 500 set that is in this set and pretty much every other set that Topps puts out this year and maybe next year. It almost seems like they're doing inserts for the sake of doing inserts. But the inserts, along with the solid base set that includes people and monuments other than baseball players, are what drive this set. If there's one flaw with the way this set was handled, it would be neglecting to put a Perez sketch card in every pack in retail packs like is done in the hobby packs. This makes pack searching at the retail stores very easy and since the relics, autographs and printing plates are around the same thickness of the sketch cards, you can easily tell which retail packs has a sketch card or something better in them. So at the retail level, go pack searching and the worst thing that happens is that you end up with a sketch card and not a higher level of insert.
If you look on the back of the relics it says that whatever the game used memorobilia is is not from any specific season or game. But I really wish Topps would start putting what game and season the piece of whatever is from. Wouldn't it be much cooler that way? Yes they'd have to print different cards, but I mean why not? I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for them to do this. But this box did help me get closer to my goal of a complete set. After 1 hobby box, 7 blaster boxes, and 15-20 retail packs, I still need 82 cards for the base set and one sketch card for that set. I do have lots of doubles so if anyone is interested in a trade, e-mail me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Target Run: UD Goudy Pack #1, Topps Chrome and Topps Allen and Ginter Packs #1 and #2

Goudy Pack #3
Bobby Abreu
David Wright
Chone Figgins
BJ Upton
Travis Hafner
Chris Carpenter
Glen Perkins
Insert: A-Rod Heads Up with Writing
The best thing about this card is that it gives us the information that A-Rod used to call his sister the "Secretary of Education" because she made him do his homework. So would Joe Torre be the "Secretary of Labor" because he makes Alex do his job? Is Steinbrenner the "Secretary of the Treasury" because he pays him? Does he call the Yankee's bus driver the "Secretary of Transportation"? I'm sure Bernie Williams is the "Secretary of Veterans Affairs".

Topps Chrome
Freddy Sanchez
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Sweeney
Refractor - Tom Glavine

I would give this pack a good A- based on the players, but it included Tom Glavine. Tom and I have a love/hate relationship with each other. I have always been a Braves fan and after the 2002 season, he basically spit in my face, called my momma names and ran over my dog. Now you can say Glavine wanted more money or that John Schuerholz just screwed the whole thing up, but I'm sticking with the theory that it was all Glavine's fault. To me the Glavine post 2002 season doesn't exist. I have a lithograph featuring Tom as well as a signed box score from the 1991 World Series hanging up in my apartment. I like to remember the good times Tommy and I had together:Winning the World Series and the MVP in 1995, the Cy Youngs in 1991 and 1998 and the four Silver Slugger awards. However, I can't say that I didn't see the villanous turn coming from Glavine. After his role in the 1994 strike, I could kind of tell it was about the money with him. I wish I would have been there opening day in Atlanta to boo him with the rest of the fans. He'll go into Cooperstown with a Braves cap, but he should have gotten his 300th win with them too.

TA&G Retail Pack #1
Adam Dunn
Hunter Pence (RC SP)
John Smoltz
Eiffel Tower
Jamie Fischer

Parallel: Carlos Delgado

TA&G Retail Pack #2
Mark Tehan
Troy Tulowitzki
Bartolo Colon (SP)
Joe Mauer
Carlos Gomez

Parallel: BJ Upton

The star of these 2 packs would be the John Smoltz. The way I have a love/hate relationship with Glavine, I have a love/love relationship with Smoltz. Not only has he stayed with Atlanta through those testy years as a closer, but he's still a great pitcher. But I think the most awesome thing about him is that he plays golf with Tiger Woods on a regular basis and they often jab at each other in the media. Tiger has called Smoltz his "Personal ATM". Hilarious. They also have a bet going to see who has the most "wins" this season. Every game Smoltz wins as a pitcher counts as one win. Every tournament Tiger wins this year counts as 3. Tiger is up on Smoltz at this point and he texts John after ever tournament win just to let him know. The 2nd best card in these packs is Jamie Fischer. However, Topps mispelled his name "Fisher". On the autograph cards of his I've seen on eBay, his name is spelled correctly. Wonder which genius figured that out?

Box break tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Target Run: UD Goudy Packs #1 and #2

I had to make a run to Target to get some things the other day and picked up 3 packs of Goudy, 1 pack of Topps Chrome and 2 packs of TA&G. I'll be posting these packs today and tomorrow. But now, here are packs 1 and 2 of the Goudy

Pack 1
Pat Burrell
Jason Schmidt
Gary Matthews
Josh Hamilton

David Ortiz
Chad Cordero
Carl Crawford
Noah Lowery

My favorite card in this pack is Cordero cheesin' it up looking like he knows something we don't. I give this pack a C+. I did get the great card of Cordero, as well as 2 All-Stars in Ortiz and Crawford, but the rest of the pack looks like a horrible trade someone would make in a fantasy league.

Pack 2
Randy Johnson
Jeremy Bonderman
Michael Cuddyer
Albert Pujols (SP)
Garrett Anderson
Billy Wagner
Phil Huges
Ryan Zimmerman

This pack gets a solid B+. This might be the first time I've ever seen a card featuring Randy Johnson smiling. The star of this pack is the Pujols short print. With the generic city background and a look on his face that says "I'm not quite smiling, but I do have an expression and I know I'm awesome." The back of the card states that whenever Big Al hits a home run "it's going to be a significant one". Significant in what terms? A game winner? His 500th? The 3rd of the day he promised to little Jimmy on his sick bed? I'd like to know what's significant to Pujols.

More packs tomorrow and a box break either tomorrow or Friday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Welcome to The House of Cardboard. What this blog hopefully will do is allow me to share my collecting journey with people who care about sports cards. Most of the focus will be on baseball, but football and basketball might pop up from time to time. In order to better explain my purpose, I decided to go a bit Marxist and give you a manifesto. First, I hope this blog will be educational and informative. While I will often make jokes and backhanded comments, the underlying purpose will be to educate others about this hobby that has sucked me in for the past 17 years. Secondly, I hope this blog will be enlightening. I hope it will give others viewpoints on card collecting that maybe readers haven't thought about before. Third, I want it to be entertaining and hopefully some laughs will be had upon the way. Lastly, I hope above all that this brings at least one new person into card collecting or brings one back into the fold. I think now is a great time to be a card collector for various reasons which I hope to get into at some point. I have some big things planned for the inaugural week, so be looking for some new things in the next few days.