Thursday, September 13, 2007

Target Run: UD Goudy Pack #1, Topps Chrome and Topps Allen and Ginter Packs #1 and #2

Goudy Pack #3
Bobby Abreu
David Wright
Chone Figgins
BJ Upton
Travis Hafner
Chris Carpenter
Glen Perkins
Insert: A-Rod Heads Up with Writing
The best thing about this card is that it gives us the information that A-Rod used to call his sister the "Secretary of Education" because she made him do his homework. So would Joe Torre be the "Secretary of Labor" because he makes Alex do his job? Is Steinbrenner the "Secretary of the Treasury" because he pays him? Does he call the Yankee's bus driver the "Secretary of Transportation"? I'm sure Bernie Williams is the "Secretary of Veterans Affairs".

Topps Chrome
Freddy Sanchez
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Sweeney
Refractor - Tom Glavine

I would give this pack a good A- based on the players, but it included Tom Glavine. Tom and I have a love/hate relationship with each other. I have always been a Braves fan and after the 2002 season, he basically spit in my face, called my momma names and ran over my dog. Now you can say Glavine wanted more money or that John Schuerholz just screwed the whole thing up, but I'm sticking with the theory that it was all Glavine's fault. To me the Glavine post 2002 season doesn't exist. I have a lithograph featuring Tom as well as a signed box score from the 1991 World Series hanging up in my apartment. I like to remember the good times Tommy and I had together:Winning the World Series and the MVP in 1995, the Cy Youngs in 1991 and 1998 and the four Silver Slugger awards. However, I can't say that I didn't see the villanous turn coming from Glavine. After his role in the 1994 strike, I could kind of tell it was about the money with him. I wish I would have been there opening day in Atlanta to boo him with the rest of the fans. He'll go into Cooperstown with a Braves cap, but he should have gotten his 300th win with them too.

TA&G Retail Pack #1
Adam Dunn
Hunter Pence (RC SP)
John Smoltz
Eiffel Tower
Jamie Fischer

Parallel: Carlos Delgado

TA&G Retail Pack #2
Mark Tehan
Troy Tulowitzki
Bartolo Colon (SP)
Joe Mauer
Carlos Gomez

Parallel: BJ Upton

The star of these 2 packs would be the John Smoltz. The way I have a love/hate relationship with Glavine, I have a love/love relationship with Smoltz. Not only has he stayed with Atlanta through those testy years as a closer, but he's still a great pitcher. But I think the most awesome thing about him is that he plays golf with Tiger Woods on a regular basis and they often jab at each other in the media. Tiger has called Smoltz his "Personal ATM". Hilarious. They also have a bet going to see who has the most "wins" this season. Every game Smoltz wins as a pitcher counts as one win. Every tournament Tiger wins this year counts as 3. Tiger is up on Smoltz at this point and he texts John after ever tournament win just to let him know. The 2nd best card in these packs is Jamie Fischer. However, Topps mispelled his name "Fisher". On the autograph cards of his I've seen on eBay, his name is spelled correctly. Wonder which genius figured that out?

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