Saturday, August 16, 2008

Packapalooza Extra!

Despite being warned about this product, I bought a few packs of Donruss Americana II 2 weeks ago. I'm not going to put you through cards of random 7th Heaven cast members or Danielle Rousseau from Lost, but I will give you what were my good pulls from the packs. And there were actually some good pulls.

Glenn Ford Used Material #'d/100
The back of the card says he had the fastest draw in Hollywood at 0.4 seconds. Of course, most of us know him better as Pa Kent in the original Superman movie. This is either a proof or one of the Silver Screen Swatches as it's numbered out of 100.

Todd Bridges Proof #'d/500I'm talkin' bout this proof card, Willis!

Elijah Wood Proof #'d/500
He looks like he's staring into your soul with 2 Eyes of Sauron.

Willie MaysThis card is here to remind you that Willie Mays was, and always will be, a pimp.

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