Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Friday Packapalooza, Pt. 1

I ran down to the hobby shop today to pick up some pages for my binders and to maybe grab a few packs of Goudey as I haven't bought any this year. So I get there and Goudey as well as A&G were both 2 packs for $12. 2 for $12! Luckily, I was going right to Wal-Mart after that for some other things so I hoped they'd have blasters (foreshadowing). But I started looking around at the bargain packs and came across a few that I got. So throughout today, I'm going to be posting the packs that I got. To start off, we're opening up some 2003 Topps T205.
I never opened any of this when it came out in 2003, but I have a few of the cards that I aquired in trades or assorted lots. And I really wanted to open some of this, so 2 packs for $5. Better than either Goudey or A&G. Let's tear in.

Pack #1
53 Craig A. Biggio
77 Adam T. Dunn
24 Luis Emilio Gonzalez
30 Todd L. Helton Mini Brooklyn Back
TF13 Dynamic Duo Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling Triple Folder
125 Joseph P. Mauer
83 James H. Thome

Not a bad pack. I love Todd Helton with no facial hair. The Triple Folder is quite cool and a really neat insert. Now on to the next pack.

Pack #2
49 Carsten Charles Sabathia
103 Jason D. Kendall
18 Miguel O. Tejada
22 Mike Scioscia Mini Polar Bear Back
TF34 The Go-Ahead Run Jimmy Rollins & Pat Burrell Triple Folder
137 Jose Contreras
68 Frank E. Thomas
149 John J. McGraw

Another triple folder and an awesome John J. McGraw card. I'm really happy with the purchase of these packs. I love the full names with middle initials on the backs as well as the write ups. I might have to find a box of these in the future. Packapalooza will continue later today.

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dayf said...

I love love love this set. I have 95% of it, but I'd still rip a box of it right now.