Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've opened 3 retail packs and one blaster of Topps Mayo Football

For a total of 11 retail packs.  Out of those packs I've pulled:

LaDainian Tomlinson Game-Worn Jersey

Chris Cooley Princeton Back Mini

And now for the biggie.

Wait for it.......

Wait for it......

Andre Caldwell Black Card Back Printing Plate Mini 1/1

I think I'm going to keep buying retail.  Or quit while I'm ahead.  I haven't decided.


Jamie said...

Wow..awesome pulls...I bought a hobby box and didn't pull anything close to a 1/1..good stuff!

Canucklehead said...

A 1/1 out of a retail pack...that just seems crazy...crazy like a fox!

dayf said...

I've bought the three packs but gotten bupkis. I might have to splurge for a blaster now though. Have they announced the short prints yet?