Friday, February 13, 2009

Things That I Am Not Particularly Fond Of

Topps Sterling Cards without Autographs

The price point of Topps Triple Threads

People who get excited over pulling a serial numbered card of the player's jersey number

People who do the same thing to a 1/# or to a card that's the last one printed.

Lima Beans

People who don't care about base cards at all

2008 Sweet Spot

Grey or White game-used swatches

The Mets

Having box hits be scrubs

Horrible Collation


night owl said...

I'm with you on everything except:

I don't mind the gray or white swatches, and ...

I love lima beans! (Really).

dinged corners said...

Agree with everything except the small matter of the Mets.

MetsManiacinNH said...

As a lima bean eating, Nickleback groupie Met fan I take offens-

Just kidding. You're pretty much spot on.

/Am a huge Mets fan though.