Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chipper Jones: All-Star, MVP, AJC Blogger?

David O'Brien writes a great Braves blog for the AJC and I always enjoy reading his updates. He posted a blog about John Smoltz the other day and yesterday, Chipper Jones decided to get on the blog and post some comments. I really enjoyed this for a few reasons. #1 because he is talking just like a regular person and as someone who loves his team and loves that the fans love his team. #2 because the questions he answered were answered truthfully. He didn't play coy and beat around the bush or allude to things with cryptic sayings. To me, in the age where sports stars use a blog to push themselves or their agenda (I'm looking at you Curt Schilling and Gilbert Arenas), it was refreshing to see one who just wanted to shoot the bull with some fans and be excited with them about the upcoming season. And this is how he seems to be in real life as well. I finally got to meet the man at spring traning last year and he was chatty and funny and even talked about playing golf with Smoltz and Tiger and was ragging on Smoltz about his golf game. My favorite parts of Chipper's blogging are that he'll miss Shea Stadium because he owned the Mets there. Also the fact that he named one of kids Shea is hilarious. He said that resigning Tex right now looks 50/50 and that he's in a Braves uni for at least 2 more years, but he hopes to get an extension worked out before that happens. This just solidifies to me that he's one of my favorite players ever.


Wax Heaven said...

Wow. What a cool dude. I absolutely hate Curt and his blog, can be interesting sometimes but rarely.

Hope Chipper has a great season!

On Base Autos said...

Chipper is the man.

bravesgirl said...

I wish you had copied this, I read it at the time and wanted to go back and read it now and it's no longer on the ajc site.

Chipper is amazing LOVE him.