Saturday, February 9, 2008

COTW for 2/3/08: Jarrod Saltalamacchia Custom Index Card

After I graduated college, I got an internship back home and lived with my parents for a year. In that time, because there wasn't a whole lot to do in town, I started collecting cards seriously again as well as sending stuff through the mail (TTM) for players to sign. When I didn't have a card of a new prospect or an older player, I would make a custom index card (CIC) and have them sign it and they turn out looking pretty good. So for spring training in 2006, I sent a CIC to Braves star prospect catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. This is what I got back.

Now there are probably several reasons why he did this. I know when people enter the leauge, they tell the new kids to not sign anything that is not MLBPA or MLB approved and I know that they tell them not to sign index cards because people can use their signature somehow and forge it and steal their idendtity or something along those lines. Now, while I was disappointed to not get this signed, I was actually quite happy with this return as I got a nice little handwritten note from Jarrod. So for me, this is as good as, or better, than an autograph. I did end up getting a few of his Upper Deck Star Rookie cards and he did sign them for me.


Wax Heaven said...

Wow. Very cool of him and that note is just as cool as an auto to me.

White Sox Cards said...

That is an awesome story and a cool momento!