Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentine's Day Massacre!!!!

Why this title? Because there's more wrappers in my living room floor than bodies left by Capone at the massacre. It's time for a Triple Box Break!!! 2 hobby boxes of Topps 2008 and one hobby box of the product-that-shall-not-be-named. To see the insert ratios for Topps, see Chris Harris' post at Stale Gum.

2008 Topps Box 1

Base Set:
298/330 (90.30%)
Doubles: 0

18 Gold Foil
4 Gold parallel (Y. Escobar, B. Geren, E. Bonifacio RC, O. Hudson)

4 Campaign 2008 (M. Huckabee, R. Giuliani, J. Edwards, H. Clinton)
6 Own The Game (D. Ortiz, C. Pena, B. Penny, L. Berkman, A-Rod, R. Howard)
2 Mickey Mantle Story (53, 54)
4 Mickey Mantle Home Run (502, 534, 535, 536)
6 Year In Review (A. Miller, R. Johnson, R. Furcal, F. Lewis, D. Young, J. Kent)
8 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie (R. Swoboda, A. Jones, A. Pujols, A. Dawson, C.C. Sabathia, D. Jeter, A. Soriano, D. Johnson)
6 Trading Card History (J. Upton, R. Clemens, M. Teixeira & J. Francoeur, T. Lincecum, H. Okajima, C. Maybin)
1 Stealth Insert (K. Uzuki)
1 All-Star Game Patch Relic Card (D. Wright #300/499)

That was a great box. The All-Star Game Patch Relics are awesome awesome cards, even though I did get a Met. Lots of inserts and parallels. Next box!

2008 The Product-that-shall-not-be-named

Base set:
300/400 (75%)
Doubles: 1
Triples: 0

8 O-Pee-Chee (H. Pence, D. Matsuzaka, D. Wright, E. Renteria, E. Bedard, G. Sheffield, D. Ortiz, D. Lee)
4 Yankee Stadium Legacy (2935 - M. Skowron, 2960 - Y. Berra, 3010 - Y. Berra, 2985 - T. Kubek)
2 Presidential Predictors (J. McCain/T. Williams, M. Romney/C. Fisk)
2 Game Used (A. Pettitte - 97 style, D. Jeter)
1 Signature Sensations (B. Harris)

Decent box, but I love the photography on the base cards. If there's one qualm I have with Topps, it's that their photos are always so blah and are often reused a ton. I also got a game-used piece of jersey from who might be the most honest cheater ever. Next box!

2008 Topps Box 2

Base Set:
299/330 (90.60%)
Doubles: 0

18 Gold Foil
4 Gold Parallel (O. Hernandez, R. Harden, C. Izturis, C. Cordero)

7 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie (J. Francoeur, S. Rolen, D. Willis, G. Sheffield, A. Kearns, J. Rollins, D. Gooden)
6 Year In Review (C. Young, T. Helton, A. Beltre, M. Reynolds, J. Accardo, C. Delgado)
6 Own The Game (V. Gurrero, C. Pena, J. Thome, R. Howard, M. Cabrera, C. Lee)
6 Trading Card History (D. Matsuzaka, C. Buchholz, M. Mantle, P. Fielder, J. Chamberlain, A-Rod)
4 Campaign 2008 (J. Biden, B. Richardson, M. Romney, F. Thompson)
1 Stealth Insert (K. Uzuki)
1 2007 Highlights Auto (S. Moore)

Another good box. I beat the odds and got an auto and really love the trading card history insert set. Overall, I think Topps is the better bust for sure than that other brand.

I'll be back later tonight with the contest winners. You've still got 25 minutes!

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dayf said...

I love the Braves you pulled. That Pacth card thingy is really cool looking also.