Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Political Cards?

Think you were getting free from what some are calling crap inserts with the candidate cards in 2008 Topps by buying 2008 Upper Deck? Not so fast my friend! Perusing eBay today I found many auctions for these. Of course Upper Deck's cards actually have a baseball theme and spoofs each politician with a famous baseball moment. This is what could be a partial checklist. The wild card features Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly doing their best Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura.

Rudy Giuliani & Jeffrey Maier , 1

John Edwards & Moonlight Graham , 2

John McCain & Ted Williams , 3

Barick Obama & Jermaine Dye , 4

Mitt Romney & Carlton Fisk , 5

Fred Thompson & Babe Ruth , 6

Al Gore & Chuck Knoblauch , 8

Wild Card , 9

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