Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 SP Legendary Cuts Dual Box Break

I was somehow able to get these boxes at a price that was pretty much buy one get one free, so I did. Here’s how I fared:

Box 1
Regular Set: 46/100 (46%)
Doubles: 0
Short Prints: 1 (#153 Babe Ruth numbered 71/550)
Legendary Americana: 1 (Calvin Coolidge 302/550)
Masterful Materials: 2 (MM-RS Ryne Sandberg Bat, MM-RJ Reggie Jackson Away Jersey)
Legendary Materials Dual: 1 (MM-RJ2 Reggie Jackson Home Jersey 092/125)I got 3 memorabilia inserts, with one of those being a dual, in a box that says it should only have around one. And how can you not like getting a card of Ryno? So I was quite happy as well as having a SP of The Babe and a card of our one of our Presidents looking quite curmudgeonly.

Box 2
Regular Set: 45/100 (45%)
Short Prints: 1 (#170 Jimmie Foxx 246/550)
Legendary Americana: 1 (Kit Carson 391/550)
Masterful Materials: 1 (MM-JR Jim Rice Home Jersey)
Legendary Signatures: 1 (LS-SC2 Steve Carlton 154/199)

Not as many inserts, but I did get an autograph of a Hall of Famer and a jersey swatch of someone who could maybe get in to the HOF next year.

Overall, I really like this set. Great look to the cards and really good inserts. I’d buy more of thse. Now, I need to see how close I came to having the whole set, minus short prints, of 100 cards out of the 2 boxes. But this was a good couple boxes.

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Joey said...

I love these new cards that have an old picture of Mr. October, Reggie Jackson before he was a Yankee. I always think of him looking the way he did as a Yankee or Angel.