Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As sort of an intro to dayf's Topps '52 Rookies box break over at A Pack A Day, I'm gonna bust 2 packs of '52 Rookies right here, right now. So here we go.

Pack #1
#32 Ryan Rowland-Smith
#65 Carlos Gomez
#DFC7 Paul Lo Duca Chrome numbered 1507/1952
#37 Alexi Casilla
#176 Aaron Laffey
#163 Juan Gutierrez

Well I've heard of none of these prospects AND I got a Paul Lo Duca chrome. Paul just had arthroscopic knee surgery and will be out 4 to 6 weeks. The Nats are apparently talking to Johnny Estrada about coming on to catch. Good luck with that. Alright Pack #2

#99 Jason Miller
#57 Sean Henn
#98 Joakim Soria
#DF8 Miguel Tejada
#182 Shelley Duncan
#159 Edwin Bellhorn

Alright! People I've heard of. Both Yankees prospects, I know a bit about Henn and Duncan just because everyone seems to know about Yankees prospects. Whenever I hear Shelley Duncan I think of Sandy Duncan. And his first name isn't even Shelley! It's David. Shelley is his middle name. I want to hear the story of why he chose Shelley. Or why his parents chose it for him. Middle school must have been rough. Oh and I got a card of that roider Tejada. The poor Astros. Couldn't they have waited like a week before trading for him? Or made the trade contingent on the Mitchell Report or something? Hope they've got a backup plan if he gets arrested or something.


dayf said...

How the heck did we both manage to pull a Paul Lo Dookie?

The really sad thing is I was looking over the pre-sell checklist and Paul replaced Craig Biggio in the set. Craig is light years better of a pull then Lo Duca.

Russ said...

At least yours wasn't chrome

White Sox Cards said...

I was going by the pre-sell checklist, which is why I put Paul name in the comments during last night's contest.