Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Box Break: Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

I've gotten a few single packs of Draft Picks and Prospects and thought it was a really good set, so I got a blaster of them. Let's see if this box is a bust or not.
Pack #1
BDP 48 Angel Sanchez
BDP 12 Cameron Maybin
BDPP 94 Freddy Sandoval Chrome
BDP 4 Phil Hughes Chrome
BDP Yunel Escobar Gold
BDPP 86 Elvis Andrus
BDPP 29 Corey Kluber
Really good first pack. The Phil Hughes Chrome would have been the highlight, but I got the Escobar Gold along with former Brave Elvis Andrus and how can you not like someone named Elvis?

Pack #2
BDP 40 Andy LaRoche
BDP 52 Brendan Ryan
BDPP 64 Matt LaPorta Chrome
BDPP 27 Brant Rustich Refractor
BDP 52 Brendan Ryan Gold
BDPP 67 Collin Balester
BDPP 20 Sam Runion
Not a bad pack. A refractor and Adam LaRoche's little brother who is on the rise

Pack #3
BDP 22 Sean Gallagher
BDP 43 Yunel Escobar
BDPP 36 Craig Heyer Chrome
BDP 48 Angel Sanchez Chrome
BDP 28 Doug Slaten Gold
BDPP 3 Corey Brown
BDPP 7 Cory Luebke
I seem to be getting a lot of base cards and their variants, but I'll always take any Yunel's that i can.

Pack #4
BDP 17 Jon Knott
BDP 18 Joba Chamberlin
BDPP 11 Kyle Lotzkar Chrome
BDP 12 Cameron Maybin Chrome
BDP 31 Jesse Litsch Gold
BDPP 30 Justin Jackson
BDPP 88 German Duran
I hate the Yankees, but I think I like Joba as a player. He seems much more playful than the rest of the Yankees. Also, I can't wait for the first time German Duran gets a call up and makes a big hit or play and Chris Berman calls him German "Duran" Duran.

Pack #5
BDP 28 Doug Slaten
BDP 36 Carlos Gomez
BDPP 80 Rich Vandenhurk Chrome
BDPP 40 Andy LaRoche Chrome
BDP 45 Felix Pie Gold
BDPP 4 Tyler Mach
BDPP 12 Freddie Freeman
Got another base and variant that had the opposite of already from this box. Freddie Freeman is now my 2nd favorite Brave with the last name "Freeman" right behind Marvin.

BDP 34 Matt Brown
BDP 51 Kevin Slowey
BDPP 19 Lars Davis Chrome
BDP 46 Homer Bailey Chrome
BDPP 68 Carlos Carrasco Game Worn Futures All-Star Game Jersey
BDPP 2 Karl Bolt
BDPP 99 Evan Longoria
WOW. What a pack. Not only did I get Homer Bailey in a chrome card (Homer played for the Chattanooga Lookouts near my hometown for what seemed like forever. Glad to see him in the bigs.) and a former #1 pick in Evan Longoria, but I got a game used Futures jersey card. Looks like this is the pack of the box.

Pack #7
237 Barry Bonds
BDP 14 Mike Rabelo Blue Variant numbered 256/399
BDPP 1 Cody Crowell Chrome
BDP 39 Mark McLemore Gold Refractor numbered 25/50
BDP 27 Ben Francisco Gold
BDPP 16 John Ely
BDPP 100 Wladimir Balentin
Wait, this might be the pack of the box.
How in the world did I get 2 numbered inserts in the same pack? According to the back of the pack wrapper, the blue variants are 1:84 while the gold refractors are 1:659. Who's the mathemagician who wants to tell me what the odds of getting both in one pack are? Incredible pack.
Pack #8
BDP 24 Dennis Dove
BDP 27 Ben Francisco
BDPP 109 Colby Rasmus Chrome
BDPP 9 Ryan Zink Chrome
BDP 11 Tim Lincecum Gold
BDPP 60 Gary Gattis
BDPP 8 Darin Mastroianni
A meh pack, but the Lincecum Gold is good stuff.

Overall, this was GREAT box. A game used card, good rookies, 2 numbered cards and just a lot of fun.


Trent said...

Great box! My son and I have one hiding from Mom under his bed that we're going to break over the next 10 days or so. Hopefully, we'll be just as fortunate as you.

Brian said...

so my math skills may have faded since college, but the chance of finding those two #'d inserts in the same pack is 0.0000018064% or 1/55356.
That's a whole lotta blasters my friend.

dayf said...

Nice one! This box was way better than the one I broke.

Joey said...

This was a nice box. It is always fun to beat the stated odds on the box.

ReeseND said...

Guys... i have to ask a newbie question. I just got into collecting Bowman Chrome and bought 8 packs last night. I'm having trouble using Tuff Stuff to figure out what the BDPP cards are actually worth? :) I got a cool Joba - BDPP71 Blue Refractor. How does that relate to what Tuff Stuff lists by # or by BC#. Can anyone explain. Thanks in advance!

Russ said...

Make sure you're looking at the Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects listing first of all and not just Bowman Chrome. They're 2 totally different sets. Also, if you're using the Tuff Stuff with Adrian Peterson on the front, BDPP isn't even listed yet.

ReeseND said...

Ahh.. that is exactly what I am using. Thanks! I was looking at the listing trying to determine if there was some magic calculation I had to do!! I just spent another 40 bucks today. I'm officially addicted. :) Any good sites you would recommend for baseball card news/info?
P.S. My name is also Russ... NICE!