Monday, January 21, 2008

TriStar Surprise!

So I got a blaster of the TriStar Prospects Plus today hoping, much like dayf to find a Jason Heyward auto. I didn't get that elusive auto, but what I got was most surprising
Every other auto I have seen from this set was one of the Farm Hands inserts. Imagine my surprise to find this. Not only is it nice and green, it's numbered 14/50. I also got another Farm Hands auto in the box of Todd Frazier. TriStar, you made my day.


On Base Autos said...

I have bought five blasters and several loose packs. I love the Tristars for the young guys. Nice pull. I have only pulled one like that out of all that I have opened.

White Sox Cards said...

That is a nice looking card!

Trent said...

Trent just purchased another blaster box of TriStar and pulled two autos....oneFarmhand and one yellow refractor Casey Weathers.

We've only been collecting for about 2 months, but this is one of the best sets we've collected. The number of hits makes it exciting for a seven year old kid.