Monday, January 7, 2008

Card of the Week 1/06/08: 2002 Donruss Super Estrellas CP-12 Barry Bonds Poder de Cuadrangular

Sorry about the bad pictures lately. My laptop that I connect to my scanner is in for repairs and hopefully I'll have it back by Tuesday and will give you more high quality scans. This card comes from one of Donruss' Spanish language sets. The easy joke here is "I think that translates to cheater in English!" but the truth is actually pretty funny in itself. If my remedial Spanish is correct, this translates literally to "Being able of the home run". I would say that Bonds is most definately able of the home run and is probably the most able out of every player. The blurb on the back says something about him hitting 57 home runs in Pac Bell and 36 in 16 different parks in 2001. But this is an interesting card and good to see that our friends south of the border have the joy of baseball cards and are able to collect players who are able of the home run.

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