Monday, January 28, 2008

COTW for 1/27/08: 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Home Run History: Home Run Number One #MHR1

I know what you're thinking: "Why is this card that I had what seemed to be hundreds of when I opened all those packs of 2006 Topps the Card of the Week?" Ah, my friends, you have to turn the card over in order to see the magic. "Illusions, Michael!"
Since I had a ton of these laying around after many blasters back in 2006 and it'd kinda be hard to get Mickey to sign them, I sent a few off to Randy Gumpert, the pitcher who gave up Mantle's first home run as named on this card. I didn't know whether he would sign them or not as some pitchers don't like to be known as "the guy so and so hit his xth home run off of". But Mr. Gumpert was glad to sign them and he has a great signature. This is one of those items that's just a little outside of normal and that's why it's the Card of the Week.


White Sox Cards said...

Very cool idea. Those cards have some use after all.

On Base Autos said...

Great idea.

dayf said...

Now THAT is cool.