Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Grimm Reaper

Of the tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands, who knows) of cards that I have, a small portion of them are football cards. While I do have a good amount, they pale in comparison to the number of baseball cards I own. However, there are two things that strike my fancy when it comes to football cards: Falcons and offensive linemen. This is because I am (unfortunately) a Falcons fan and because I used to play offensive line. I understand how under appreciated linemen are in the world of collecting and in sports in general. Without a good offensive line, the team's offense does not work no matter what system you're running. That's why when I came across this on eBay, I had to get it.What this is is a 1969 Topps Dan Grimm File Copy. What that means was that Topps kept one of each card of each set it made that was clear of stains and marks in case they wanted to use it again in a "Turn Back The Clock" insert or now in the Heritage series (or so I'm surmising, I could be totally wrong on this). So this is the Dan Grimm that was kept at Topps since 1969. When I got it, it was already encapsulated so that was not my choice. However, I didn't really want the card because it's "valuable" per se, but because of the history of it being a file copy and because it was a Falcons' offensive lineman. I'm quite a sucker for provenance and good back stories. It's one of those unique things that's just neat to have. I'm happy with this addition to my collection.

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